Want to Save Ink? Try Switching the Font You Use

You may have never thought of this (and I certainly wouldn’t have, either) but the font you’re using apparently does matter.  Recently, Printer.com did a study and found that the Century Gothic font really does use less ink. They concluded in the study that another simple way to save ink is to use a font that requires less of it. This study found that Century Gothic uses so much less ink than industry-standard Arial that a company printing 250 pages a week would save about $80 a year by doing nothing more than switching fonts. The more professional-looking Times New Roman was nearly as cost-effective.  This may be a trivial fact, but $80 is….well, $80.  It may be worth a consideration. (Source: PCWorld)

As always, another great way to save money in your home or business is to have your ink and toner cartridges REFILLED instead of just thrown out and replaced.  All of us at Cartridge World think THIS concept is worth a consideration as well.


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