Tips For Affordable Printing

Save Money When Printing

With companies trying to cut costs and consumers also looking to save we here at Cartridge World also try to help our customers to save even more money.  We put together some tips for more affordable printing:

1) When purchasing a new printer get one that accepts high-volume ink cartridges.  Many cartridges actually contain very little ink so would need frequent replacement.  A comparison for you…According to Consumer Reports the HP 950 XL ink cartridge contains 2.5 ounces where as the HP 60 XL cartridge a half ounce of ink, so you can see a considerable difference!

2) Do not remove the ink or toner cartridge until the printer actually stops printing.  Even if you receive “low ink” or “low toner” messages on your machine there is likely enough ink or toner still in the cartridge to squeeze out some additional pages.

3) Use software programs such as Print Eco.  This type of program will actually reduce unnecessary pages.  Consumers can download it free from this link:

4) Efficient printer models – look for these types of printers.  According to Consumers Reports plenty of inkjet models delivered half or less of their ink to the page and a few used less than 30 percent when the printer was used intermittently.

5) Purchase a printer that accepts manufactured ink and or toner cartridges – cash in on the savings.  You could be saving up to 30% less by purchasing re-manufactured ink or toner.

We really encourage consumers to think smarter when trying to cut costs for their office supplies.  We hope these tips help and as always please call us should you have questions on your ink or toner and how you can save.


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