Refilling Cartridges is What We’re All About!

A specialty shop like Cartridge World in Altamonte Springs will fill your used cartridges for about 40% less than buying new. We’re experts at properly refilling– that’s what we do. Be careful about going to other refill places who just do it as a side business. The results may not be the same.

Cartridges that are compatible with Brother, Canon and HP printers are typically the easiest to refill because they don’t have a chip in them that measures the ink levels.

Epson and Kodak cartridges have the chip, which causes problems because they have a hard time reading a new level when it is refilled, but it can be done.

If you intend on having a cartridge refilled, immediately put it into an airtight, sealed plastic bag to keep the ink from drying out and ruining it.

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(Source: Tampa Bay Times and Cartridge World)

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