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Maximize Your Ink While Still Keeping Quality

Halloween candy is officially on the store shelves!  This means holidays are around the corner, exciting news for consumers who are printing party invitations, holiday cards, photos from 2013 and anything else.

If you don’t want to waste lots of ink and paper while making sure your holiday cards or party invites look right once printed we recommend printing on cheap photocopy paper.  Using other types of paper will get expensive especially if you have many changes to make.

Printer ink can also be conserved using photocopy paper.  Another tip is to set your printer in the “multi-page” printing mode so several pages can be printed on one sheet of paper.  Doing this will save you on reams of paper.  Many people think printing double sided copies will also save on ink and paper.  This is a myth.  Printing double sided copies can actually stress your printer.  It can lead to mediocre print quality, a jammed printer and ultimately be an expensive experience.

This holiday season we encourage consumers to look for recycled paper.  Most business supply stores carry at least one brand of recycled paper.  Sometimes there is card stock paper that is recycled and of course shopping at Cartridge World Orlando for all your printer ink needs will certainly help our environment.

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