How To Fix A Paper Jam

paper jam imageDon’t you just love your ink jet printer when you have a paper jam?  We find our customers telling us it’s the  world’s worst “waste of time” trying to fix a paper jam!  We have some steps to help work your way through:

STEP 1: Assess the situation
Disconnect the power cord. This will prevent you from getting an electrical shock.

STEP 2: Access the back panel
Move your printer so that you can access its back panel. Now, remove the back access panel.

STEP 3: Look for the jammed paper
Through the open panel, search for the jammed paper. Remove any paper you see.

STEP 4: Close the Panel
Properly close the back access panel, making sure all the screws are put in place and it latches securely.

STEP 5: Ope the Top Access Panel
Open the front panel. This is the panel that you open when you want to access your ink cartridges. Once you open this panel now look for jammed paper in this area.

STEP 6: Remover Paper Gently
You don’t want to rip and pull out the jammed paper, some printers give resistance.  Gently pull at the paper to remove so as not to rip the paper and leave part of it still jammed in your printer….this causes a greater problem!

STEP 7: Close Panel and Plug Back In
Once your paper is removed close the front panel. Plug the printer back in and turn it on. If the printing process is smooth and you’re able to print, it means that you have officially fixed the printer paper jam problem on your ink jet printer.

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