Cartridge World Recycling Program

Recycling Programs

Cartridge World Will Help Your Community, Save the Planet While you Save Money!Recycle-Programs-Image2


At Cartridge World, we have programs that allow local community organizations & schools to raise funds by collecting empty printer cartridges and returning them to us. Our recycle programs are simple and requires very little work by your organization or staff.

Recycle Rewards is Easy!

  1. Give us a call & we will provide your organization with Cartridge World recycle bins or boxes.
  2. Get the word out by promoting the program to your group members.
  3. Cartridge World will pick up the cartridges and write your local school or community organization a check!

Contact your local Cartridge World store today to get started.

Refill Rewards

Refill Rewards allows parents and friends of schools to bring in their empty cartridges to a Cartridge World store, save money with more affordable prices, while still raising money for the local school. Just mention your sponsored school when you visit Cartridge World.

Recycling cartridges can make a huge difference!

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