Testimonials from the Business Direct Program


“We have been using Cartridge World Business Direct for the past several years. Their customer service is always professional and courteous. Using Cartridge World Business Direct has saved our company thousands in the past few years and they are specialist in what they do. I truly enjoy working with the entire organization.”
Lisa Seeley, Polyair Corporation.

“We use Cartridge World Business direct to save money and because of their responsive customer service. We have been using them for several years and their cartridges are excellent quality. Whenever we need a cartridge at the last minute, they are always there for us.”
AnnMarie Defies, Lillian Booth Actors Home

“As a new client of Cartridge World Business Direct we were amazed at the savings as compared to what we were paying for original cartridges. We are easily saving 30% and the cartridges perform equal to the original brands.”
Len Robins, RRML Capital Resources

“Cartridge World Business Direct is consistently service oriented, punctual with their deliveries, and the personable employees are a huge asset. All of these features and great business model, along with highest quality “GREEN” products, put this formidable company way above any other competitor. The service and reliability of the products are second to none.”
Karla K. Cino, Karla Cino, Realtors

Green Things are Good Things

One of the GREEN things you can decide to do to help the environment is recycle your empty ink and toner cartridges.
In 2005, over 50% of all ink and toner cartridges were sent to landfills in the U.S. The thing is– it’s EASY to recycle and it really makes a difference. All you have to do to recycle with Cartridge World is bring your empty cartridges to our store and we’ll sell you full remanufactured ones at a lower cost than regular box stores.
You can also pick up a cartridge recycling box at our store and take it to your school or workplace. We’ll recycle the empty cartridges.
We hope you will partner with us in taking steps for less waste!

Cartridge World Recycling Program

Recycling Programs are essential and we’ve got a great program!

Cartridge World Will Help Your Community, Save the Planet While you Save Money.

At Cartridge World, we have programs that allow local community organizations & schools to raise funds by collecting empty printer cartridges and returning them to us. Our recycle programs are simple and requires very little work by your organization or staff.

Recycle Rewards is Easy!

Give us a call & we will provide your organization with Cartridge World recycle bins or boxes.
Get the word out by promoting the program to your group members.
Cartridge World will pick up the cartridges and write your local school or community organization a check!
Contact your local Cartridge World store today to get started.

Back To School With Cartridge World!

Cartridge World has what your kids need to go back to school!  Whether they’re in elementary, middle, high school or college– we’ve got it all!

Tom Fricke, the CEO of Cartridge World recently stated that, “The demand for printing during the school year remains very high. Everything from tests to term papers are printed and reprinted every day, making the cost of ink a big yearly expense for schools as well as students. We want customers to know there is an alternative to high-priced, brand name ink and toner.”

We’ve got the best prices in town, plus refilling cartridges helps the environment– which everyone knows is important.

Stop by and stock up on all your back-to-school supplies today!

Cartridge World Business Direct Program

Let Cartridge World help you reduce costs, increase profits, and help save the environment!

Most business owners and managers are looking for easy and convenient ways to reduce costs without compromising quality.  Consider taking advantage of Cartridge World’s Business Direct Program.  It can help you reduce costs and reflects well on your business because of the environmental benefits.

If you don’t have an empty cartridge, don’t worry, they have many inkjet and laser cartridges in stock and ready to go for your convenience. Cartridge World stores carry a wide assortment of brand name cartridges including HP, Dell, Brother, Canon, Lexmark along with Cartridge World brand cartridges.

In addition, recyling boxes are available to display in your office to promote cartridge recyling AND Cartridge World delivers!

Call today for more details about how Cartridge World can help partner with your business to save money.  (407) 767-0680