Do a Big Favor for the Environment

Cartridge World makes it easy for anyone to turn in their empty printer cartridges and get a high quality remanufactured one in their place. All you need to do is swap your empty black or color ink cartridge for one that has been thoroughly tested to ensure it will work properly with your printer. Most Cartridge World stores offer FREE pick-up and delivery to local businesses with a minimum order.  Call us today for details.  (407) 767-0680.

When you use a recycled cartridge you are doing a big favor for the environment.  Did you know that by recycling 1 million ink and toner cartridges saves approximately 19 thousand barrels of oil from being used.  Approximately 3 quarts of oil are used in the manufacture of a toner cartridge.  This means a whole barrel of oil is saved for every 50 cartridges that are re-manufactured instead of new.

Ask About our Fundraising Programs

At Cartridge World, we have programs that allow local community organizations & schools to raise funds by collecting empty printer cartridges and returning them to us. Our recycle programs are simple and requires very little work by your organization or staff.

Recycle Rewards is Easy!

  1. Give us a call & we will provide your organization with Cartridge World recycle bins or boxes.
  2. Get the word out by promoting the program to your group members.
  3. Cartridge World will pick up the cartridges and write your local school or community organization a check!

Contact your local Cartridge World store today to get started.

Spreading the Word About Cartridge World Savings!

If you’ve ever been in our store, which we may assume you have if you’re reading this, you have probably walked out feeling pretty good about the money you’ve saved, the service you were given, and the positive impact your purchase has on the environment.  We just want to encourage you today to TELL SOMEONE!  Spread the word about your Cartridge World experience to help others to not only save money but to prevent yet another cartridge goinginto the landfill.  THANK YOU!

We Provide Cartridges for 30-45% LESS!

Are you frustrated about paying a crazy amount to refill your printer ink at the office or at home? Want quality printing supplies without having to pay those sky-high prices? Cartridge World can help!

Cartridge World Altamonte Springs has the environmentally-friendly expertise to solve all of your printing needs and troubles. Cartridge World provides printer support for all types of residential and business machines (including InkJet.) They supply cartridges (black and color) and toner and also offer troubleshooting assistance.  The savings will be worth the trip!

Jeff and his Cartridge World team provide cartridges at a 30-45% discount over his competitors because of his ability to clean, test and refill cartridges. Business delivery (drop-off and/or pick-up) is available for those who qualify – it’s never been easier! Set up an account with Cartridge World once, and each time following, the process is automated. When supplies are needed for a specific machine, a customized electronic form is filled out and emailed to the store. The supplies requested are then delivered personally by the Cartridge World team. It’s really that easy!  Call today if you have questions. 407-767-0680

Cartridge World B2B Services

Own a business?  Did you know that Cartridge World Altamonte Springs has excellent perks to help your business save money?  Here are a few of the services we provide:

B2B Services:

  • Printer Fleet Operating Cost Analysis & Quotes.
  • Printer Repair & Maintenance (not copiers).
  • Printer Parts (fusers etc.) at great savings.
  • E-WASTE Recycling (electronic waste – see Environment page).
  • Expert FREE advice on printer selection             
  • Dedicated Account Mgr. – to maximize savings
  • FREE B2B pick-up and delivery service (over $75)
  • Same or Next day delivery.
  • Drop Shipment anywhere in USA.

Call us today for more details about how YOUR business can SAVE!(407) 767-0680