What does “remanufactured” mean? It basically means that the ink cartridges have been recycled & reprocessed by the professionals of the industry. Empty printer cartridges are collected, thoroughly cleaned, and refilled with professional grade ink. Afterwards, they’re repackaged and resold.

You Won’t Believe How Much You’ll Save!

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You’ll Save With Us!

Did you know we have replacement ink and toner cartridges for a variety of name brands including HP, Dell, Epson, Brother, Lexmark and more? We are 30% – 50% less than ink you buy at those big box stores. Really you should call us to see if we have your ink before you spend more money than you need to. Our number 407-767-0680.

Why Put Cartridges In Landfills?

Landfills cost a lot to maintain and when more material ends up there, costs rise. The oil that is used to produce plastic is costly as well. By recycling cartridges, less oil is used and less money spent to maintain landfills or build new ones after they fill.

A Cartridge World Testimonial

Here’s a Cartridge World customer testimonial quote: “Cartridge World in my opinion is better quality. The number one reason we do business with Cartridge World is to save money. Their free pick-up and delivery service has been a big asset to us, and they restock our shelves so that we never run out.” -John