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Good Reasons to Recycle!

Consider these cartridge-related facts: The number of cartridges discarded in North American landfills each year increases by 12% annually.  On average, eight cartridges per second are thrown away in the United States.

It takes about a gallon of oil to make a new laser cartridge. A laser cartridge thrown into landfill can take up to 450 years to decompose. Some components made of industrial grade plastics will take over a thousand years to decompose. Every remanufactured laser cartridge saves nearly 2.5 pounds of metal and plastic waste from being deposited in landfills.

Seventy percent of used printer cartridges throughout the world are currently being thrown out. In one year, if the world’s discarded cartridges were stacked end-to-end; they would circle the earth over three times.


Want to Save Ink? Try Switching the Font You Use

You may have never thought of this (and I certainly wouldn’t have, either) but the font you’re using apparently does matter.  Recently, did a study and found that the Century Gothic font really does use less ink. They concluded in the study that another simple way to save ink is to use a font that requires less of it. This study found that Century Gothic uses so much less ink than industry-standard Arial that a company printing 250 pages a week would save about $80 a year by doing nothing more than switching fonts. The more professional-looking Times New Roman was nearly as cost-effective.  This may be a trivial fact, but $80 is….well, $80.  It may be worth a consideration. (Source: PCWorld)

As always, another great way to save money in your home or business is to have your ink and toner cartridges REFILLED instead of just thrown out and replaced.  All of us at Cartridge World think THIS concept is worth a consideration as well.

Broken Printer? Call Us!

Today’s printers do so much more than print. You know that this versatility increases your productivity — fax, scan, and copy at your fingertips. You may not know that most printer toner cartridges can be remanufactured many times before they need to be recycled. Don’t throw them away, reuse and recycle! Bring them into your local Cartridge World store to learn more. (407) 767-0680

Question about Manufacturer’s Warranty

Q:  Will using refilled cartridges void the printer manufacturer’s warranty?

No. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits the manufacturer of the printer you are using from voiding the warranty because you use a refilled or remanufactured cartridge. Printer manufacturers will almost always advise you against refilling. The simple reason for this is that manufacturers would like you to buy their expensive replacement cartridges and accessories. Even with the protection of this law, you should also feel confident that cartridges sold, refilled or remanufactured by Cartridge World will meet or exceed your expectations. Our own warranty also extends to your printer on any valid claim!

Cartridge World’s Business Direct Program

Most business owners and managers are looking for easy and convenient ways to reduce costs without compromising quality. By taking advantage of Cartridge World’s Business Direct Program, we can help you achieve these goals and begin realizing considerable benefits immediately.

With our Business Direct Program, your company will receive:

  • Free consultation to develop a program that is right for your company
  • Free pick-up and delivery service for qualified businesses
  • Substantial savings compared to buying a new cartridge
  • High quality premium inks and toners – 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Cartridge World will provide your company with high quality performing cartridges, whether you have full-color, high speed printer/copiers, or multi-function printers. Our technicians remanufacture laser cartridges – disassemble, clean and inspect for damage, replace worn parts and then fill with toner – to ensure performance to your expectations. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.