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Do you have a Frequent Buyer Card?

If you haven’t gotten one already, ask about our “Frequent Buyer Program.  It’s a great incentive.   Next time you make a purchase ask for your free Frequent Buyer Card. Purchase 9 ink cartridges and get the 10th free!

Cartridge World Quality Guarantee

Cartridge World uses the best quality imaging supplies and guarantees that cartridges refilled and remanufactured by our company will perform to your satisfaction.

Our toners and inks are sourced from top suppliers the world over and are each uniquely formulated for the many different cartridges available. Our extensive range of testing equipment is further assurance of our commitment to quality control and customer satisfaction. Worn parts are replaced if necessary so that our cartridges produce sharp black text, vibrant colors, with clear graphics.

If you are dissatisfied with the results of any of our refilled cartridges, please return the cartridge within 90 days of purchase together with receipt of purchase to the Cartridge World store where purchased. The Cartridge World store will either repair the faulty cartridge or credit the full amount against a new cartridge, in exchange for the faulty cartridge.

Cartridge World Customer Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from small business owners who use Cartridge World.  These are from the Hanover, Pennsylvania Cartridge World, but the same concepts and quality customer service apply. 



“Cartridge World Hanover is saving us a lot of money and their cartridges give us the same quality print as the brand names.  We no longer have down times with our printers because the cost savings enables us to have back-up supplies on hand.  Dealing with a local company like Cartridge World Hanover is so much easier because if we have any issues they’re here immediately to fix it.”
Tom Washburn – President
Aero Energy      Satisfied customer since February 2007

“Customer service is what sold me on Cartridge World Hanover.  If we need a product immediately they will do it, or if we need to exchange a cartridge because a printer is no longer in use… no problem.  They have made purchasing printer cartridges a simple, no hassle experience.  Plus the quality matches the brand names, and we save money.”
Bob Fulton – Comptroller
Hanover Family Practice    Satisfied customer since December 2006

Do you Know about the Cartridge World Recycling Program?

Recycling Programs

Cartridge World Will Help Your Community, Save the Planet While you Save Money!Recycle-Programs-Image2


At Cartridge World, we have programs that allow local community organizations & schools to raise funds by collecting empty printer cartridges and returning them to us. Our recycle programs are simple and requires very little work by your organization or staff.

Recycle Rewards is Easy!

  1. Give us a call & we will provide your organization with Cartridge World recycle bins or boxes.
  2. Get the word out by promoting the program to your group members.
  3. Cartridge World will pick up the cartridges and write your local school or community organization a check!

Contact your local Cartridge World store today to get started.

Need Some Back-To-School Supplies? Get Your Cartridges at Cartridge World and SAVE!

Cartridge World has what your kids need to go back to school!  Whether they’re in elementary, middle, high school or college– we’ve got it all!   

Tom Fricke, the CEO of Cartridge World recently stated that, “The demand for printing during the school year remains very high. Everything from tests to term papers are printed and reprinted every day, making the cost of ink a big yearly expense for schools as well as students. We want customers to know there is an alternative to high-priced, brand name ink and toner.”

We’ve got the best prices in town, plus refilling cartridges helps the environment– which everyone knows is important. 

Stop by and stock up on all your back-to-school supplies today!